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Tips for selecting your best outfit.


Try not to overthink your outfit, hair or makeup. The goal is to get a great portrait of that friends and colleagues will recognize. If you are an artist who wears a t-shirt everyday, it might not be a good idea to wear a jacket and tie. The same goes for a lawyer who wears a jacket and tie everyday…. a t-shirt and ball cap might not work. Think about how you dress for work on most days and the pick the best outfit that represents that style.


A few days before your appointment, make sure everything fits properly and is wrinkle free. There is no need to get stressed with these tasks on the morning of your portrait. If you are really not sure what outfit works best, feel free to bring a few different outfits and discuss it with the photographer.


We always recommend a solid color that creates some contrast with your skin. Depending on your skin tone, try simple colors like black, navy blue, white, or brown. Bright colors work well also. Avoid pastels and colors that resemble your skin tone …they will make you look washed out.


If you plan on wearing a jacket or sport coat, make sure it fits properly. If they are too big or small it will be noticeable in the photos. If it doesn’t fit properly, it is probably best to plan an outfit without the jacket.


It is always best to have your upper arms and shoulders covered.


Make sure your outfit is wrinkle free. If your appointment is late in the day it might be best to bring your clothes with you and get ready here at the studio. We have changing rooms available.


Your hands may appear in some photos. Please make sure to pay attention to your nails prior to your session.


Our goal is to get a professional headshot that makes you look easy-going and approachable. There is a fine line between too happy and too serious. We do our best to get that perfect look. During your session we will encourage you to try different facial expressions…little smile, big smile, and serious face just to name a few. Practice your facial expressions in the mirror. It might feel ridiculous while doing it, but it will help.


If you follow all of these steps you are on your way to a great professional portrait. Let us worry about the rest.

Steady Photography is a Branford, CT based photography studio that specializes in Senior, School and Business Portraits. For more information visit:

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