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I needed a new headshot. A photographers tale.

After 10 years, it was time for a new professional head shot.

The process taught me a lot about how my customers feel so I put together some quick advice for anyone who, like me, is overdue for a new professional portrait.

There is never a PERFECT DAY to get a headshot. There will always be excuses to wait a few days, weeks or months.

You are the LEAST qualified person to pick your final image. Our corporate customers pick the final image for their employees; campaign managers pick for politicians; I let me wife, and my office team pick my photo - they see the most.

It's important to be yourself. Everyone who knows me thinks I look ridiculous in a suit and tie. That's because I never wear one.

They all liked the Bruin's shirt with a cup of coffee. That's me.

Don't try to be someone your not. Let people see the real you.

Are you like me, waiting 10 years to get a new headshot?

Schedule your session today.

Steady Photography is a Branford, CT based photography studio that specializes in Senior, School and Business Portraits. For more information visit:


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