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How a Good Head Shot Can Help You Get Ahead

Whether you’re a college graduate looking to apply for your first job or a business owner looking to update your LinkedIn profile, a strong head shot is just as crucial to your career as a resume is.

We Do Judge Books By Their Covers

Like it or not, first impressions matter. We all make snap-judgements based on what we see, and a photo from a family picnic or your best friend's wedding only shows employers that you know how to have fun. A casual photo from your Facebook page that you cropped your friends out of doesn't demonstrate anything about your professionalism or character, and when an employer can see alcohol or offensive behaviors in the background, it shows them a negative side of you that you wouldn't want them to see. A good headshot eliminates outside social factors that companies can judge you on and instead provides them with a professional snapshot of who you are. If two candidates have the same qualifications, sometimes a headshot is also used to determine who seems more professional and committed.

It Shows You’re Invested

Let’s face it. Headshots are an investment much like a career is. They’re well worth their cost, however, because a good headshot really shows that you care about the impression you make both before you get the job and after. Is a candidate who couldn’t take the time to get a professional headshot really going to go the extra mile at work? Are they really going to stand out as professional and trustworthy to partners and clients? Probably not. Taking the time to have a professional headshot done showcases your commitment, your professionalism, and your willingness to go the extra mile for any company or client you work for. It's a lot easier to prove your somebody worth investing in when you take the time to invest in yourself.

Your Headshot is Your Personal Brand

A good headshot is necessary in today's digital world to showcase who you are. Are you professional? Down to earth? Funny? A great negotiator? A good headshot utilizes various poses, angles and lighting to showcase the you that you want employers and clients to see, and you'd be surprised by how much of you a photo can convey. A good headshot is versatile, can be used across all your social media platforms and allows you to consistently portray yourself to employers as someone worth hiring. With a strong headshot, you control your brand.

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