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Senior Portrait FAQ

  • What does the sitting fee include?
    The sitting fee includes studio time; touch up for your yearbook selection; and delivery of your final image to the yearbook. All prints and products are ordered separately after your sitting. There is no obligation to buy or minimum purchase required.
  • How do I schedule?
    We have a convenient online scheduling tool. It allows you to see all of the available days and appointment times. If you are having trouble scheduling online, please call the studio. The sitting fee must be paid to reserve the appointment. SCHEDULE NOW
  • What if it rains?
    The Classic Yearbook and Casual sessions are all done in the studio. The rain does not affect these two sessions. If you scheduled an on-location session and the weather is bad, please call the studio to discuss options. We usually like to wait until the last possible minute before rescheduling.
  • Are there any special requirments for my school?
    All schools require a vertical image for the yearbook. Notre Dame- All yearbook selections must be a head-and-shoulder portrait on the school chosen gray background. All seniors are required to wear a jacket and tie. Haddam-Killingworth- All yearbook selections must be head and shoulder with no hands showing on the school chosen gray background. Hand- All yearbook selections must be head and shoulder on the school chosen gray background. Fitch- All yearbook selections must be head and shoulder on the school chosen gray background.
  • What should I wear?
    In our professional opinion, solid colors photograph best. We recommend avoiding busy patterns, horizontal stripes, and sleeveless shirts or dresses. We truly believe the focus should be on you…not your outfit. Something to think about- each summer there are new fashion trends. While it is great to be trendy, please take into account that this photo will live forever in your school yearbook. Sometimes simple and classic is best.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    We understand that things change. Please give at least 24 hours notice when changing an appointment to avoid another sitting fee. You are not able to reschedule on the website. You must call to reschedule your appointment. If you miss your appointment or forget you will have to pay for another sitting fee.
  • What happens after my session?
    Within two weeks of your session you will receive an email with a link to your proofs. The email will also include all the information you need to select your yearbook photo and order packages and custom products.
  • How do I submit my yearbook selection?
    When you view your proofs online there will be instructions for submitting your yearbook image. Please note that once you select an image it goes directly to touch up. If you want to change your image it will require you to pay for touchup on the new image.
  • Why don't you accept yearbook selections over the phone?
    We don’t know whom we are talking to when someone calls the studio and we can’t be sure the correct person is making the selection. This is why we require that everyone select his or her image online.
  • What happens if I miss the deadline for selecting a yearbook pose?
    If you miss the deadline for selecting a yearbook pose you won’t be the first person…it happens all the time. If we don’t receive a selection for you by the deadline we select the first head/shoulder selection from your proofs and submit it for inclusion into the yearbook.
  • It has been over two weeks and I haven’t received y proofs, what should I do? "
    Please call the studio.
  • I don’t like my proofs and would like a retake…what is the policy?
    Our retake policy is simple. We will retake your senior portraits free of charge for any reason. However, once we have completed the retake session we delete the first session. There is no option to go back to the original photos. If you would like the chose between the two sessions you will have to pay for another sitting fee.
  • I lost my login and password information?
    Please email and include your name and school.
  • I don’t understand the price sheet or order form?
    If you are having trouble placing your order, please call the studio. Hopefully we can help you over the phone. If not, we can set up a time for you to come to the studio and place your order.
  • How long do you keep the photos?
    We will keep your senior portraits on our server until May 1…after that they will not be available for ordering..
  • How long does it take to get my final prints that I ordered?
    We try our best to get all photos to you in 2-4 weeks, however due to the high volume of orders received around the yearbook deadline…. sometimes it can take up to six weeks. If you have questions about your order, please contact the studio.
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